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Revelation on the Falcons’ loss…from a Cowboys’ fan

Posted on January 23rd, by Collin McMullen in Teamwork. 2 comments

While running yesterday I had this thought:falcons

I love the NFL and, like many people, enjoyed watching the conference championship games on Sunday.  In the NFC Championship the Atlanta Falcons were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers and denied a Super Bowl bid. Now, as an unashamed Dallas Cowboys fan, I get satisfaction knowing that my poor Falcons friends are suffering too!

cowboysI realize the Cowboys checked their season at the door weeks ago, However, I like to talk smack.  I believe in a simple rule when it comes to smack, that if you can’t change the subject then you are letting it get personal.  My friends understand and they talk good smack too, reminding me often where my team stands and how often they fail, so fine by me if their favorite team loses too.

The game was intense and as I was cheering hard against the Falcons my kids asked me, “Daddy, why don’t you want the Falcons to win?”

What could I say to that?  I’m bitter!  I’m jealous!  Daddy wants to take his ball and go home!  That’s pretty much how I felt and so that’s what I said to them.

Where exactly did that bitterness come from?  Of course, relating strictly to football I have some reasons, no big deal – but is it possible the same negative thought process can invade other areas outside of sports?  What if a friend gets a great job offer that makes me a little jealous?  What if someone gets praise for something and I don’t?  What if something good happens to someone else but not me? Not too far fetched really.

In 2nd Corinthians 7:6 we learn “God encourages those who are discouraged”, in the book of Job he is praised for “encouraging many people and strengthening those who are weak” (Job 4:3), and the Proverbs remind us “the words of the Godly encourage many” (Proverbs 10:21).

Cheering for our team may be unrelated to how we’ll treat our neighbor, but unchecked emotions and actions can bypass our thoughts and belittle our character.  Open the door a little to justify negative thinking and next thing we know we’re looking in the mirror saying “who is that guy?!?”

Yeah it’s only sports, but this week football reminded me that my job is to encourage others always (regardless of what’s in it for me) and desire the best for them.  In the NFL there can be only one champion and how hard you cheer means nothing. In the sport of life there can be many champions and how hard you cheer means everything.

“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are
already doing”.  –1st Thessalonians 5:11


2 thoughts on “Revelation on the Falcons’ loss…from a Cowboys’ fan

  1. Collin,

    Thanks for opening a window, not only into yours, but our souls. I greatly appreciate your honesty and transparency! Our tongues, as the book of James records, have the power of life or death in them. May the Lord grant us all the grace with which to speak to one another in love and civility.

    Love you!

  2. As an incurable Packer fan, I know where you are coming from. And as a guy who was cheering against the Niners (having been where the Falcons were the week before) I had the ability to empathize with Falcon fans in general and sympathize w/ many of my Falcon-fan-friends as I was just getting out of my week long funk. But your post reminds me (much less saracastically than my wife does) that it’s just a sport. In life true success is not just how far ahead we travel but by how many people we lead to success w/ us!! Thanks Collin

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